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Regular maintenance on your vehicle is key to its' longevity. Having your vehicle checked over and service items carried out on a regular basis can prevent premature wear and costly repairs.

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Engines come in various differing types and configurations. They can consist of thousands of individual components and requires that they are all working together harmoniously

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The braking system of a modern vehicle comprises a complex set of sub systems and parts that play a critical role in your safety. Both regular and proper maintenance and care are required to ensure Your Car is stopping when and how it should.

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Wheels & Tyres

If you keep a vehicle for a number of years, replacing the tyres is something that cannot be avoided. You can however, prolong tyre life with regular vehicle maintenance and by following a few simple guidelines.

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transmission services


Keep Your vehicles transmission shifting as it should.
At Your Car, we change transmission fluid in
your vehicle to promote proper operation and longer running without failure.

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A vehicles exhaust is more than just the pipes that stick out the back. A modern exhaust system can be very complex in order to comply with emissions standards across the globe.

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Fuel System

Caring for the fuel system begins at the service station and the fuel choices you make. Believe it or not, but it can make a huge difference. Using a well known and reputable service station can reduce the possibility of putting contaminated fuel into the tank.

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Auto Electrical

Modern vehicles are becoming heavily reliant on their electrical systems as manufacturers find new ways to "reinvent the wheel". The electrical system in your vehicle may now be responsible for the operation of essential vehicle components

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Heating & Air Con

There's nothing worse than being either too hot or too cold when driving. Regular checks are required to ensure that the climate inside your vehicle is able to be maintained at comfortable levels for both driver and passengers alike.

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Road Worthy Certificates

Buying, selling or re-registering Your Car ? In Victoria, a Certificate of Roadworthiness is generally required when a vehicle is sold or if a used vehicle is to be re-registered.
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Hire Cars

Get around while Your Car is in for service or repairs.
Can’t get your vehicle to the auto repair shop because you need it on the day? No problem. For a small, nominal fee Your Car can provide you with

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Whether you need a windscreen replaced, a vehicle detail or panel beating work, Your Car can organise these services when you visit our workshop.

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